Other People’s Money Part III Encore Show | Wealth DNA Radio July 13th

Other People’s Money – Part III

     The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this pre-recorded show we’ll deal with several aspects of OPM to help you take advantage of it to build your wealth. If you’re wondering if these strategies really work – I can assure you I take full advantage of them and have built my wealth by doing it, and doing it well. In other words I don’t just talk the talk, “I walk the talk” and we’ll cover some of my favorites including taking advantage of the US Government’s inability to balance its budget, brokerage margin accounts, and private lenders. Once you understand that it’s not difficult to earn more on your investments than it costs to borrow today, you’ll want to take advantage of as many sources of low cost debt as possible. Our goal is to share those sources with you !

      This show will clearly take some listeners outside of their comfort zone, since we’ll be challenging their long held beliefs. Long held beliefs are just like habits we’ve developed over many years. We don’t question why we do what we’ve always done, unless someone points out the benefits of changing, or the risks of continuing. The key question I suggest you ask yourself during this show: Would I rather be debt free, or financially free? 

      We’ve tried to anticipate & answer your key questions, since you won’t be able to ask them during this show. This show was originally recorded on August 8, 2011, against a backdrop of the US Government averting a default on their debt. Are you ready to see how you can take advantage of the Government’s inability to balance their budget? If so grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for the Other People’s Money – Part 3 …

     Monday July 13th, 2015
     – 9:00 AM in Arizona (12:00 noon on the US East Coast)
     – and every 2nd & 4th Monday  

Call-in with Questions: +1-917-388-4162 or Click to listen online:

Submit your questions during the live show in the chat window or call in to the number above. Listen to the archived shows at your convenience at www.WealthDNA.us.  The Wealth DNA Radio show airs every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month, helping 1 million people become millionaires … and we hope you join us! 
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