Asset Based Lending | Wealth DNA Radio August 8, 2016

     Asset Based Lending

     The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll be sharing information about the various types of Asset Based Loans, which banks focus on, which investment funds focus on, and which types are popular with private lenders like you. We’ll also cover an aspect you probably won’t hear about elsewhere – what can and does go wrong with these types of investments. And certainly you’ll want to know how the security (asset) protects you vs. unsecured investments?

     Our guest is Robert (Bob) Zadek, Founder of Lender’s Funding, and attorney with Buchalter-Nemer, specializing in asset based lending, trade finance, letters of credit, loan workouts and bankruptcy. His professional resume is extensive, including committee chairmanship, banking, law faculty, keynote speaker, and even CPA. Robert is regularly retained as an expert witness on financial transactions. Some listeners may know him as the host of The Bob Zadek Show, a Liberatarian talk show.

     To learn from this renowned expert on Asset Based Lending, prepare your questions, grab a cup of coffee, glass of ice tea, or your favorite beverage and join us …

Monday August 8, 2016
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