Richard Melancon | June 8, 2015 Wealth DNA Radio Show

Afford the Good Life

      The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. One of the basic questions we should ask ourselves periodically: Why do I Invest? Although each of us may have slightly different reasons, there appear to be 2 common responses.
      1. To continue to afford the good life after I stop working, and
      2. I have to !
Even if we’re frugal and avid savers, putting our savings into a bank account, safe or in a tin can buried underground, we won’t be increasing our net worth. By saving AND investing we’re able to build wealth much faster. Early in our career savings will be the most important contributor, and as our nest egg grows, our investing and compounding can add far more to our net worth than our savings.
       This all sounds so logical, when you’re in the group well on their way to becoming wealthy, and having the good life throughout their lives. For those in the rat race group struggling to accumulate enough each month to make their monthly payments, this good life is merely a theoretical discussion. What are the key differences between these 2 groups? Is it their habits we discussed recently? Could it be their level of Financial Literacy? Is it their mindset? Education level? Or is it their employer who decides their fate as to which group they are destined for?
       Our special guest Richard Melancon will shed some light on the topic, help answer these questions, and provide some tips to avoid bankruptcy and exit the rat race. Who knows – he may even share some strategies for saving on taxes. Richard Melancon is a CPA, Business Consultant,  Professional Speaker & Author of 3 books. We’ll be focusing on his first book: You Can Afford the Good Life. His other books focus on helping companies & managers to implement best practices used by effective businesses.
       So regardless of which group you’re in, prepare your questions and join the conversation …
       Monday June 8, 2015
          – 9:00 AM in Arizona 
              (11:00 AM US Central Time)
          – and every 2nd & 4th Monday

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