Solo 401(k) | Wealth DNA Radio March 14, 2016

Solo 401(k)

The Wealth DNA Radio Show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll cover the most attractive and least known individual retirement plans entrepreneurs can take advantage of. When we think of IRA’s we think of $5 – $6,000 that can be contributed each year. If a plan allows contributing 10 times as much – would that get your attention? But before you start reducing your estimated taxes for 2016 with this new knowledge, you need to join us for the show. And if you change your clocks remember the show time will be different for you !

        Our special guest is Clint Coons, a founding partner of Anderson Law Group and current manager of Anderson’s Washington office. His practice involves the structuring of private lending structures, joint venture agreements, land trusts, LLCs, tax deferred retirement vehicles, and other business forms to shield real estate investors from the myriad of challenges facing them in the new economy. Clint has published dozens of articles and workbooks on real estate investing and asset protection, including his most recent book: Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors.

        So whether you’re thinking about starting a new venture, you’re in the early stages of operations, you’re growing a business, or paying too much in taxes as a reward for a job well done …. grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for this show on the Solo 401(k)…  

Clint has extended two offers to our listening audience: – a 30 minute consult with an Anderson advisor for an Asset Protection Blueprint consultation – A 30 minute consultation with an Anderson Advisor for a Tax Planning Blueprint consultation.

Both of these consults are one-on-one with an Anderson Advisor and are very thorough and popular.  A timely offer as tax season is upon us.

  Monday March 14, 2016
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