Housing Market Update | Wealth DNA Radio July 25, 2016

Housing Market Update

     The Wealth DNA Radio Show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. Our returning guest will provide us an update on the housing market. We can’t cover the world housing market, or even the US housing market, there are only local housing markets. With interest rates at record lows, the stock market at record highs, is that good news or bad news for the housing market? With the number of jobs up over the last 7 years that should be a positive for housing. But why are we seeing more apartment buildings than housing developments being built?

     Our guest is Michael Orr Founder of the Cromford Report in 2008. Until recently it was 1 of the top 2 sources for the Phoenix Real Estate market. Since his departure from his position as Director of the Real Estate Center at Arizona State University, it is THE source for that information. Regular listeners may recall his predictions on the housing market bottom, the rapid rise, and the plateau in prices starting late in 2013 happened just as he stated. When he joined us in May 2015 he assured us the housing market and price appreciation would be strong in the near future, which also has been true.

     So if you think asset based investing might be better than putting it in stocks & bonds that aren’t secured. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee, glass of ice tea, or your favorite beverage and join us for the Housing Market Update

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